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  • do a credit check in assessing my finance application.
  • do an automated check of your proof of address for verification purposes.
  • request my bank statements in respect of the bank account/s listed on the application.
  • request copies of my payslips from my employer to confirm my employment details.
  • share my information with insurance brokers.

National Credit Act

Click Here to view the National Credit Act
Customer Consent *
  • I am not a minor.
  • I have never been declared mentally unfit by a court.
  • I am not subject to an Administration Order.
  • I do not have any current application pending for debt restructuring or alleviation.
  • I do not have any current debt re-arrangement in existence.
  • I have not previously applied for a debt re-arrangement.
  • I am not under sequestration.
  • I do not have applications pending for credit, nor open quotations as envisaged in section 92 of the National Credit Act.
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