Paintball: A Game of Strategy, Stealth & Quick-Thinking

To be daring is to be bold, adventurous and a little nervy – that is what perfectly describes the teams partaking in this Great Escape.

In episode 1 of #TheGreatEscape, Mahindra SA tested the team in an ultimate battle of nerves – a fun game of paintball that is sure to leave a couple of marks!

On this day, they set out on the road and headed to the battlefield in their #XUV700 where they took the challenge head-on and unleashed their competitive spirit – displaying unwavering strategy, stealth and quick thinking.

Mark and Chantal played for the blue team. Their strategy was for Mark to cover Chantal as she raced to get the flag to the finish point. Maserame and Mojake played for the yellow team. Their teamwork and ability to think quickly on their feet got them through some messy situations. While Adriaan and Li-Mari who played for the red team used their stealth and made sure that they spare no one on the battlefield.

As the teams battled it out, the one thing that stands out is the here is the competitive resemblance between man and machine – the Mahindra XUV700 was designed with many radical innovations allowing it to surpass competitors at every turn.

After some nail-biting games, walking away with a few battle wounds but huge smiles were our victors Maserame and Mojake! As their prize, they got the opportunity to choose the next activity – mountain biking.

Stay tuned for the next episode & turn on your notifications to see which team will conquer the mountains!