XUV700 Explore Active Living – The Great Escape

After the successful launch of the XUV700, Mahindra South Africa has commissioned “The Great Escape”, a celebration of active living around the Western Cape in the XUV700.

South Africa being among the top 10 in the world most active lifestyle countries and our people are well known to live active lifestyles and enjoy partaking in hobbies such as hiking, mountain biking, trail running, surfing and kayaking in our beautiful cities and surrounds.

Besides living active lives, South Africans are also well-known to be sociable, in fact, there is no better way to break free after a long week than an adventure with friends and family!

To best capture the opportunities for an active lifestyle and to showcase the capabilities of both Man and Machine, Mahindra is filming a group of friends as they compete in several adventure activities around Western Cape.


Source: https://mahindra.co.za/